Why does Duritale’ choose to use “Air Pots” to cultivate seedlings? The following three Air Pots explain:

Composed of 3 parts
1. Root-enhancing effect: There is a special film on the inner wall of the root-controlling seedling container, and the top side of the container has convex and concave, and the outer protruding end has open pores. When the root of the seedling grows outward and downward, it contacts the air (small hole on the side wall). Or any part of the inner wall, the apex stops growing, then sprouts 3 new roots at the back of the apex to continue to grow outwards, when exposed to air (small holes in the side walls) or any part of the inner wall, Stop growing and give up three new roots after the root tip. In this way, the number of roots is increased by a series of 3, which greatly increases the number of short and thick lateral roots, and the total amount of roots is 20-30 times higher than that of conventional field nursery.

2, the role of root control: general seedling technology, the main root is too long, lateral root development is weak. The entanglement of seedling roots is very common with conventional container seedling methods. The root-control technique can make the lateral root shape short and thick, and the number of development is large, while limiting the growth of the main root and not forming the entangled root.

3, the process of promoting growth: due to the dual role of the root container and the substrate used, the root system of the seedlings is robust and can store a large amount of nutrients, which meets the growth requirements of the seedlings at the initial stage of planting, and creates favorable conditions for the survival and rapid growth of the seedlings. When transplanting, it does not hurt the roots, no need to cut the head, is not restricted by the season, the management procedure is simple, the survival rate is high, and the growth speed is fast.

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