About FrutiKing

Fruiti King’s ice cream is created using a special fruit preservation technique that maintains the original taste, texture and nutritional value of the fruit in their icy form.

Earlier in 2016, chairman of Netrove Ventures Group and co-founder of Fruiti King, Teh Kim Seng, brainstormed with Gideon on how to move this business forward; including tackling the gelato and ice cream market in the region and eventually globally. Ntrove had invested a RM5 millions of funding and Fruiti King was able to raise a sum of RM1.5 million funding from CrowdPlus.asia, ASEAN’s first Equity Crowdfunding Platform licensed by Securities Commission Malaysia, played an essential role in this latest raise.

Fruiti King has also successfully entered Best of Malaysia, in which becoming one of the best food in Malaysia.