Founder’s story – Gideon Leong

The founder, Gideon Leong was once an Ah Long (loan shark) who was even on death row. Charged with drug trafficking, after he was acquitted in 2008, he stepped onto a brand new path with just a simple ice cream recipe.

After two years of research and development, Gideon came up with his own concoction of different tropical ice cream treats, namely durian, jackfruit, red bean, sweet corn, sour sop (his own flagship invention), macha, and mango. This RM5 million funding that Fruiti King has just received will help its overseas expansion in markets that have shown an interest in importing and distributing its products, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

In 2017, Liang Yaohui decided to create a new brand, DuriTale, a durian planting industry, in order to meet the needs of the supply market and the requirements of the market. Gideon Leong is also the founder for Life Engineering.