About Us

Musang King is the premium species of durian that is very popular in the world, especially in China. China demand toward Musang King is extremely high, and hence had caused the price of Musang King durian constantly increased due the short supply but high demand in the market. In addition to China, Singapore and Hong Kong need to be taken into account, in particular, the output of durians in Malaysia simply cannot fulfill the market demand.

It is important to maintain the durian supplies and stabilize the pricing of durian in the market that allowing everyone to enjoy high quality of Musang King durian. Therefore, DuriTale introduces systematic planning procedures to maximize the volume of durian plantation and outputs to stabilize the market price and allowing consumer to enjoy Musang King in more reasonable price. DuriTale is heading towards to become the largest and highest quality of Musang King Planting Industry Development Company in ASEAN, and distributed evenly around Malaysia.



  • To build a world’s top quality durian benchmark with DuriTale’s Musang King durian to the world.
  • DuriTale to provide happiness to the consumers, offering enjoyment never before to the community, satisfying the needs and wants of the society through our products.


  • To be one of the main contributions in agriculture of Malaysian Domestic Production (GDP) as a durian production chain.


Core values:

  1. Safety
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Modernization
  4. Innovative
  5. Satisfactory